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It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Welch. He was very helpful and remained in constant contact throughout the process.— Michelle G. Miami, FL

Working with Jim Welch was an extremely positive experience. Here is why. It is easy to say all the things people want to hear when they have a financial need. Telling the truth and setting fair and accurate expectations takes an ethical and professional discipline. Jim Welch exemplified this kind of character. During my process of trying to get qualified for a pre-settlement loan, many of the companies I spoke with promised me everything, and wrongly set my expectations way to high. In many cases, they did not even bother to call me back, or called back with terms and conditions that were recklessly egregious. Jim Welch, said and did exactly what he committed to, and got my loan processed on time, and for the amount and terms agreed to. Jim is a person who takes the financial needs of a client seriously, and understands the need to work quickly and accurately. He helped me and my family at a time of need, and I am very thankful. If you need a pre-settlement loan, Jim Welch gets the job done.
— Raymond R. Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you Jim Welch for all your help. Great guy and he make sure to help you understand how everything works with your request. The process was fast & knowledgeable. Again thank you hopefully I don't need you again, but if so your #1 on my list.
— Boss L. Rochester, NY

I had a pleasant experience two (2) times with Litigation Capital Investors. On both occasions, I had the pleasure of working with Mr Jim Welch. Both experiences were professional and courteous. I would recommend this company for anyone who has a financial problem due to an automobile accident or needing cash in an emergency. Mr Welch was understanding of my concerns as well as making sure that I was satisfied with my transaction. He helped me when I was in a dire situation. Great person to work with!!
— Mel G. Manhattan, NY

Mr. Welch has helped me to obtain the money that I needed at the time of need and he handled my situation just as he said he would. I recommend if you have been in a automobile accident and are waiting to settle and you have an emergency and need money right away give Mr. Welch a call he can get you the cash that you need.
— Edith R. Brooklyn, NY

Most helpful investors in my life! Very fair, fast and feasible, Thank you Jim Welch.
— M Michelle D. Sacramento, CA

I've had great experiences in the past few months dealing with Mr Welch. No problems. He was responsive and knowledgeable. Seemed to really work at helping me in my situation. Recommend him and his service highly!
— Thomas M. Riviera Beach, FL

To Mr Jim Welch, I don't think I can never thank you enough for being there for me, time and time again. But let me say this -- we do know when someone Truly Cares. Thank you Sincerely Steven M Evans Sr.
— Steven E. Las Vegas, NV

Jim Welch was very professional and did what he said! I would use this company again.
— John P. Collinsville, TX

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