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Litigation Capital Investors

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Were you injured in an accident?

Do you need cash NOW, before your case settles?

We can help you!

Since 1999 we have been a leading provider of low-cost cash advances to accident victims for their personal injury cases. Our rates are among the lowest in the legal funding business.

Our legal funding program features:

  • MUCH LOWER RATES -- as low as 1¼% per month.
  • FAST APPROVAL: 1-2 days.
  • AMOUNT: $2,500 to $50,000, or more.
  • NO PAYMENT UNTIL YOU WIN. We are paid from your recovery.
  • NO RISK. If you lose your case you keep our money and owe nothing.
  • NO CREDIT CHECK. Bad Credit, No Income, Bankruptcy -- OK.
    • Living Expenses
    • Rent / Mortgage Payment
    • Car Payment
    • Pay Bills
    • Medical Treatment
    • Education Expenses

Preferred Case Funding Program

This program is for clients who have been severely injured (fractures, surgery, etc.) in accidents where there is probable liability and the defendant has adequate insurance coverage.

  • Interest Rate: 1¼% per month, simple interest.
  • Administrative Fee: 18% of the amount of the advance
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 35.7% per year or less
  • Minimum period for repayment: None. No monthly or other periodic payments are required.
  • Maximum period for repayment: You pay nothing unless and until you win your case. The advance, interest and the Administrative Fee are to be paid at the end of the case from the recovery for a settlement or a judgment in the case.

$2,500 advance + $450 Administrative Fee = $2,950 Principal
@ 1¼% per month.

If paid within... Total Due APR
12 months $3,392.50 35.7% per yr.
18 months $3,613.75 29.7% per yr.
24 months $3,835.00 26.7% per yr.
30 months $4,056.25 24.9% per yr.
36 months $4,277.50 23.7% per yr.

Please call us to apply by phone, or submit an on-line application.

We look forward to helping you with your financing needs.

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